Our journey of food

Our journey of food

We thought we were eating better than average. We counted calories and ate small portions. Little did we know, we had a looooong way to go.

In 2014, as Ali’s colitis began affecting her more often, she started reading about the Paleo diet. After a disastrous week in Morocco, we took steps to change our diet radically and plunged into the Paleo world.

How was this going to happen? Ali craves ice cream and Andy hates vegetables. Nearly every country’s food is based around grain, so travel felt difficult. Both of us were fairly hopeless in the kitchen as well. Despite this we had the drive to make it work.

So we started reading. A lot!
There is no lack of information out there. But reading the different opinions of so many experts got overwhelming. It’s easy to get the feeling that if we didn’t do it 100% right (whatever that actually means), it wouldn’t help us.

But gradually it has gotten better. We kept reading and practicing and experimenting.We realized a few things:
There is a benefit to making any good decisions with your health.
Fewer chemicals are better than more.
Good ingredients are worth the cost and actually do make a difference.
We are unwilling to sacrifice travel and our social lives completely.

Down to Earth Eats is about the journey of food preparation and moving toward better even if it isn’t perfect. We share what we’ve learned and our struggles along the way. You can benefit from our trial and error and you don’t have to feel alone if it sucks sometimes. And it will.

We aren’t experts. We are just normal people trying to eat better.

Join us on the journey for better food.